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Hours of fun!

Play with your friends and see who can be first to name an episode that matches!

Use as fanfic writing prompts!

Special thanks to the cool people at Memory Alpha, whose work makes it easy to build these lists, and to TV Tropes, which is a generator without the automation.


Which Star Trek series is this based on?

I took elements from The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. I removed references to specific characters whenever it made sense to do so. There's no guarantee that the combination you get actually fits an existing episode, and any given episode might fit multiple generator combinations.

How does the generator work?

It's a simple Javascript program that selects elements from each of three lists. If you view the page source you can see all three lists in their entirety, but what fun is that?

I want more space adventures!

How about The Clone Wars?